The Environmental Issues in India

The environmental issues in India become more serious every day and she is turning into a bit of a mess on this front but with over 1 Billion people most of which in dire poverty, it’s hardly surprising. The recent boom in its industries, little or no environmental education, infrastructure at bursting point not to mention the huge deforestation that’s going on.India appears to be digging its own grave deeper and quicker than the rest of us, nearly 30% of India’s gross agricultural output is lost every year due to soil degradation, poor land management and counter productive irrigation. 7516 km of coastline have also come under attack from this environmental sabotage, overfishing remains a huge problem due to lack of legislation enforcement. Raw sewage from an awful lot of people is pumped endlessly into the ocean along with other industrial waste and chemicals.India’s incredibly vulnerable water supply has also come under attack from every angle resulting in very dramatic drop in the national water tables. Air pollution remains a huge problem in India with the diesel used containing up to 200 times the amount of sulfur than our European diesel.The quite rapid story if India’s deforestation is rather depressing. It is predicted that almost 5.3 Million hectares of forest have been destroyed since the independence. The government has been slow to recognise this problem and the solutions it has come up with involve unenforceable legislation mixed with wide spread corruption and a million poeple buring desire to surviveLand degradation, disease and a huge litter problem are some of the other problems which plague this great nation. It is however, not all lost…

Different Environmental Issues Around the World

There have been so many environmental problems that exist in our world today. We are having so many headaches on how we can minimize its effect on the environment and to the people. Our ecological predicament has been worsened by the occurrences of natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and any other calamities.Today, we will be talking some of the environmental issues which we believe bears more careful attention by the authorities and the whole citizens around the world.Mining – is one of the top problems listed among so many social quandaries that leaders of every nation must deeply examine. Although, mining is vital since it is one of the important sources of raw materials in the production of other products, yet we cannot really deny that it is also one factor that destroys our environment. There have been many studies that mining can really cause great damage to mother earth, but the rise of mining industry around the world have been doubled. We need mining to support the needs of the people but we also need to take good care our environment. Despite of the introduction of concepts for a responsible mining, it is still very destructive.Global warming – our environmental climate is changing and it’s getting warmer every day. The ozone layer that protects us from the heat of the sun is gradually damage by the rapid climb of technology. We are facing a problem whose solution is yet to be exposed.Air pollution – millions of cars and buses traveling everyday in the minor and major thoroughfares of each country, and all of these are producing air pollutants. We have been breathing those dirty particles that slowly spoil our physical and mental health.Deforestation – this is another great factor attributed to many environmental problems that we faced at this moment. The landslide the happened in the rest of the world is due to deforestation. We are hardly fronting the uncontrolled cutting of trees in whatever geographical location of the world.Our planet has been filled with so many environmental predicaments. The devastations that happened in the people’s lives and properties because of the frequent occurrences of natural calamities can be partly indicted directly to human. We strive each day for a better life yet we unknowingly destroying our own existence. Our environment is our life and let us share our very best to protect the mother earth from any harm.